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Global Cannabis Exchange (GCX) is a privately held cannabis exchange developed to facilitate transactions in a transparent marketplace. With the ability to process trades and deliver products across the globe, we are the #1 solution for buyers and sellers to ensure they are on top of the market. Using a customized commodity trading platform, we provide live market data and liquidity, payment and transaction services, and secure product shipment for GCX members.

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Global Licenses

The GCX Platform has listings with GACP, EU-GMP, IQC_GMP, GMP & CUMCS-GAP certifications.

Bulk Wholesale Cannabis Trading Platform

The Global Cannabis Exchange provides the legal International market with a wholesale distribution channel that can be utilized by cannabis producers, processors, and retailers. Bringing price transparency and standardized supply contract terms, the GCX platform connects legal cannabis producers with an extensive network of potential buyers and sellers. Born from the need for clients to make informed decisions when selling cannabis products on a B2B basis, the GCX platform is an online marketplace with hundreds of listings including product and strain characteristics, volume and location data, and an ability to easily place bids and execute trades. The GCX platform grants users the ability to transact both spot and forward-term deals, securing market-representative pricing for cannabis production and supply needs.

Complete Integration

Members of the Global Cannabis Exchange live trading platform have access to standardized business-to-business contracts, live market data and liquidity, full-service voice broker support from our experienced staff, fully secure payment management, secure shipping from trusted partners, and exclusive market data. Products traded on the GCX platform include dried flower, trim, THC and CBD distillates, CBD isolates, hash, shatter, extracts, seeds, clones, cannabis equipment, and cannabis packaging. GCX services include contract grow, market data reports, white labeling, co-packing, toll processing, escrow and deal financing.

Customized Buying & Selling

Our Cannabis trading platform grants access to a liquid marketplace, allowing you to buy and sell cannabis product online through a fully integrated wholesale Cannabis & Hemp exchange. The ability to transact across spot and term deals provides secure market-representative pricing for your production or supply needs. Whether you’re looking to buy Cannabis online (or sell Cannabis online), the GCX platform is guaranteed to streamline your transaction process.

Payment Management & Clearing

The Global Cannabis Exchange manages payment clearing between buyers and sellers. Buyers post payments to secure escrow accounts pending the quality and safe delivery of the product. This reduces the risk and simplifies the purchasing process for buyers.

Exclusive Market Data Analysis

The Global Cannabis Exchange data services include an end-of-month and annual bulk wholesale cannabis pricing report for the international cannabis market. GCX provides benchmark pricing insights based on settled pricing data on wholesale cannabis flower, trim, extracts, and genetics. All data is based on deals transacted on the GCX live trading exchange. Custom cannabis data reports are available upon request.

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